Jeskas HotBox

First Impressions

Jeska is a good looking blonde with perfect tits and lots of tattoos. The first thing I think about when I see a chick laden with tattoos is a lady that´s wild in the bedroom. It seems like the only girls that get tatted up are the girls that love to fuck and love to do it wildly. There´s no actual fucking on Jeska´s Hotbox but the whole point of sites like this one is to dream about what we would do with the beautiful girl. I also like that she seems to have a vast collection of bikinis and lingerie. There´s nothing hotter on a solo posing site.

Hot Promises

As with most sites the first promise she makes is to bring you tons of exclusive pictures and videos. As far as I know this is the only site she´s posed for so the exclusive part is true. There are full sized pictures on the tour and I recommend giving those a look as you can get a feel for what she does in her galleries and what kind of content she produces. She does fully nude in case you were wondering and her tits are indeed perfect. You´ve seen very few pairs as beautiful as these, I assure you. There´s no video sample so we´re left to assume those are going to be high quality.


The member´s area features one of the best solo-babe site designs I´ve seen. They list all the content sections as a series of clickable tabs at the top of the page. That will appear on every page of the site. Below it is a list of the latest updates and pictures/screenshots from the most recent photo galleries and videos. They also include a list of all the bonus sites that come free with your membership. It´s an impressive list and we´ll talk more about it later. For the moment let´s talk about the beautiful Jeska, host of Jeska´s Hotbox.

Like most solo babe sites the majority of content falls into two categories: pictures and videos. Let´s start with the picture galleries, of which there are 22. Jeska´s Hotbox was launched just recently (as of June 29, 2008 that is) and she´s been updating weekly like clockwork so we can expect that to continue. It leads to somewhat slow growth but with the bonus sites value shouldn´t be an obstacle to a membership here. As I mentioned earlier Jeska is a big fan of bikinis and lingerie and she has the perfect body to model such outfits, which shows that she knows her strengths very well.

Most galleries have 50-100 images and each gallery can be viewed in two resolutions: 900px and 1200px. You make your choice before entering the photo set and then each large image is displayed in your preferred resolution. It´s a smart system and one that other sites should copy. They show a thumbnail from each set on the gallery selection page so you´ll be informed as to what you´re looking at when you enter. It´s just another smart decision that shows the people behind this site are smart and attuned to what makes browsing porn pleasant and easy.

The best bikini gallery is titled Gold and it features Jeska in, predictably, a gold bikini. She´s in the pool for part of the set and then she climbs out and sits on the concrete edge with her legs spread to give us a view of her camel toe pussy. The bikini fits her very well and her body looks phenomenally sexy. My favorite lingerie gallery is also shot outdoors and it shows Jeska in her backyard wearing a sheer baby blue slip. The material is soft and delicate and you can see her sexy nipples through it. They´re poking out and ready to come and play but they´ll have to wait until she wants us to see them in full. In every gallery she gets fully naked and we always get a good view of her pussy. Sometimes it´s a great view.

There are 13 videos at Jeska´s Hotbox and they can be downloaded in high or low resolution. I recommend the high because it looks great but I understand that some of you may not want to wait for a 120mb file to download. The videos are a mixed bag in terms of what´s presented. Some show Jeska merely doing a photo shoot and to me there´s nothing more boring than watching a girl pose while someone takes pictures. Why not just look at the photo gallery and get high resolution versions of those same shots you were looking at. In others Jeska is simply working the video camera and that´s when things really heat up.

In one of the best we see her in the hot tub with her rubber ducky that she´s named Steve. We like Steven because he helps pleasure the sexy blonde babe. It might seem silly at first glance but it´s surprisingly sexy to see her rubbing that little plastic duck head up and down her slit pleasuring her clit. There´s a section labeled webcams but Jeska doesn´t actually do live shows. Instead those shows are performed by other girls in the network. They schedule 4-5 a week minimum so you´ll have plenty of entertainment and most of the girls are just as good looking as Jeska so it´s not a big loss that she doesn´t participate.

In the candids section Jeska has uploaded two galleries of fun pictures. The first is from a music video she was a part of for the band Pennywize. She looks hot and it looks like a fun time. The other gallery is pictures that Jeska took in her bedroom. She did all the photography for that set and she captures herself posing in a slutty schoolgirl uniform. Very nice babe! If you want to learn about Jeska you can visit her journal and read up on her daily life, see more candid pictures of her and read answers to some very personal sex surveys that she posted. In case you´re wondering she´s bisexual and she loves playing with other girls.

There are 12 bonus sites that come free with your membership. Each is listed on the front page with a small picture of the tour page. Click the picture and a new window will open taking you to the member´s area. Enter your username and password and you´re looking at a whole new site full of hot pictures and videos. All but two of the sites feature solo babes posing in the same types of galleries and videos, although some of the girls are non-nude and some are topless only. The other two sites offer hardcore sex.

Croco’s Opinion

Jeska´s Hotbox is a good site with a hot blonde babe at its center. She loves to model her sexy body for the world and she´d love for you to come along and check her out. She poses in bikinis, lingerie sets and sexy outfits and she adds a new photo set every week and a new video every 1-2 weeks. Members can read her journal, chat with her on a forum, download wallpapers and access 12 bonus sites. It´s an exceptional network of sites and if you´re into Jeska you´ll be into the other girls. Have a look around the tour to make sure she turns you on then go ahead and join if you´re convinced.


The site is flawlessly designed and navigating couldn´t be easier.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 for the first month and $22.95 for each month after that. You can sign up for three months at one time and pay only $49.95.

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